6 Best House Cat Breeds

You’ve decided to bring a cat into the family. You may be wondering: “How do I choose a cat breed?” With so many cute, cuddly, and interesting breeds to choose from, how do you pick just one whiskered friend to take home?

How to Choose a Cat

While there’s no instruction manual on how to choose a cat, there’s probably  a breed out there that most closely matches your habits and lifestyle. House cats are known for being most content indoors. 

As more of us head to urban areas to inhabit small houses or apartments and spend most of our time at the office, many are on the hunt for a friendly, relaxed companion that will be happy spending his or her days indoors.

Cat Lying in Blanket

Best Breed for House Cat

Here are our top picks for best breeds:

Scottish Fold

Though one of the first things you’ll notice about Scottish Folds are their stunning orange-yellow colored eyes, these active mousers were named for their unusual folded ears. They are sensitive, playful, and expressive creatures who crave attention and companionship (even from another cat).

They also cherish time spent with people, so are perhaps most suitable if you’re a homebody. Bonus: they are extremely kid-friendly.


With their full, long, dense coats and entrancing deep blue eyes, “Himmies” are perfect for petting. Don’t let their nature as gentle giants of the cat kingdom fool you - Himalayans can express their energy in kitten-like burts that will have them snoozing one minute and bounding through your living room the next.

Assuming their owners give them enough attention and exercise and manage their nutrition needs, they are amazing companions.

Devon Rex

These loyal, relaxed yet mischievous breeds are a natural best friend and playmate to kids who love animals.

Known as the pixies of the cat world, their distinct physical characteristics include large eyes, high-set cheekbones, slender bodies, and long legs. Personality-wise, they are kittens through and through with energy and intelligence in spades. They’ll be eager to play with treats that offer rewards or learn new tricks from doting owners.


If you’re apartment-bound, a Ragdoll cat may be for you. With their long bodies, large builds and long, silky coats, they are always up for cuddles (although they have a high tendency to shed). These sweet, loving kitties often greet their humans when they come home and seem to learn tricks easily with positive reinforcement.


Dog lovers will appreciate this exceptionally social breed’s playful nature. Burmese cats are also acrobatic athletes whose outgoing nature has them providing hours of cuddles and keeping up their end of the conversation with equal interest as they peer at you with golden eyes.

Bonus: they shed less than some other breeds and are relatively easy to groom - you need only brush them weekly.

British Shorthair

Originally bred to guard their masters’ barn and house from invading rodents, British Shorthairs are a powerful, medium-to-large sized breed who can entertain themselves and are an ideal choice for single people, provided they receive enough attention and get enough exercise.

Keep in mind that British Shorthairs need daily brushings as their thick, dense coats fill in in the winter and shed with seasonal changes.

Keeping your indoor cat happy

Thinking of keeping your cat indoors? Here are some almost universal ways to keep them happy.

    • Build exercise and stimulation into their days by providing a variety of games and toys. Offer lots of interaction, cuddles and companionship.
    • Give them space - high areas in the house where they can watch over their humans and environment (and avoid them if they feel overwhelmed or threatened).
    • Invest in a durable and easily accessible scratching post so they can entertain themselves and maintain their claws while saving your furniture.

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